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NetSuite Technical Consultancy Services for NetSuite Partners and Customers

NetSuite Expansion

Our certified SuiteCloud Developer experts use SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, Saved Searches and Suitelets to extend NetSuite and better suit the needs of your business, employees, customers and vendors

NetSuite Integration

We have extensive experience integrating third party systems to NetSuite and are confident addressing common integration issues in order to create a seamless connection between your systems

Customisation Advice

We rely on best practices and our years of experience to help improve the performance of your NetSuite system. We are available to consult on all stages of your project development, from business analysis to quality assurance and testing

Single-Page Applications

We develop responsive, modern and mobile-friendly applications, such as timesheets, that work alongside NetSuite without the need for integration. We build interactive pages that even work faster than NetSuite user interface!

Why Finix

Finix was created out of the need for a technical-focused service provider
Quality is never a compromise

Would you entrust your luxury car to a cheap mechanic? Don't compromise on quality trying to save a few hundred dollars.

Poor quality developers have a negative impact on the performance and security of your system. Rework and never-ending issues caused by outsourcing your work overseas will cost you more in the long run.
If you are a NetSuite partner, this might cost you a customer. If you are a NetSuite user, your ERP system is your investment and you don't want to compromise on its performance and security.

Our lead consultant brings 5 years NetSuite experience, as well as 8 years web services and 12 years software engineering experience.

Finix developers come from a software engineering background, making our solutions reliable through the use of a range of testing, extendable by the use of library structures, and easy to maintain thanks to clean code and automation of delivery.

  • High Quality

    We employ industry best practices to deliver high quality solutions

  • Fast

    The use of high quality code enables us to deliver solutions faster

  • Affordable

    We have no corporate overheads and our high quality code reduces the amount of rework and allows us to reuse libraries, which lowers overall cost

  • Competitive

    We offer competitive pricing options and you can rest assured that your solution is developed by local, senior consultants

Our Clients

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True Cloud Solutions

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Anderson Consulting

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